Don’t hate your present

We have full right to complain about the problems of our present condition but we should never show hatred towards our present in actual sense. Students complain about the homework they get. Friends complain about their relationships. Employees complain about the never – ending work load they get. Professionals complain about the behavior of their clients. Businessmen complain about the present depressing market condition. Wives complain about their Husbands. Husbands complain about their wives. Children complain when parents scold. Parents complain when child misbehaves. Teachers complain of nasty students. Top Management complains of each other mildly. And finally grumpy aunties gossip all the savory stuff because they are the best broadcasters in whole world working free of charge.

But all in all we don’t actually hate our present but we pretend it. We complain all the time but finally we love our present. Because if our present is taken away from us then we cannot even survive.

There are so many people in the world who smile despite of hundreds of problems.


Stay happy. Don’t feel shy to tell your problems to others but don’t hate your present.

We always like our previous life. Just because we have not yet adjusted with our present. And as soon as we adjust with our present, our present is a past.

Getting a problem adjusting to a new college? Yeah we all love to discuss our problems with our friends but please don’t hate that life. Try to love this new life. Don’t be negative. Adjust with new life. If you’d be slow in adjustments…you would not be able to perform well.


Stay happy 🙂


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