Jokes Apart

Puns are always intended and life would be hell without laughter 🙂 Whenever someone in the group cracks a poor joke, we make a face. But do you have any idea  how our world can be without jokes irrespective of whether we get a good laugh from it or not?

Days Without Jokes = Life Without Happiness = Keyhole Sans Key


Have you imagined the poor beings on this earth who were emotionally blackmailed into an education they despise so much by their parents? They are so much frustrated right now….They feel each day as hell.


Have you imagined of those poor beings who are depressed from several failed relationships? They think no one likes them.


And people whose best friend is over – educated, over – competitive and extremely charming so much so that people get attracted to him like bees to nectar? Note : He actually ruined your life by snatching your rank, promotion, increment, friends and potential future spouse.

These tiny jokes are social service for them. They need at least five jokes a day. Even reading dumb jokes can lower the loneliness felt by them. Yes, loneliness in spite of being surrounded by a huge crowd.

Can patients improve their health without medicines? No. Then how these people can improve their life? And laughter is the best medicine. At least they can pretend to laugh….

Next time don’t ruin someone’s punch lines. Jokes are the best help for futile results and broken heart.

P.S. You don’t require teeth like a toothpaste commercial to laugh. 😀


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