Be Aimless

What were you doing before coming here to read?  Typically you were doing some kind of work with a purpose in mind? Obviously because 24 hours each day are frustrating due to their deceptively short span ( I mean you checked off some work load at home, did laundry and decided to sleep. You dozed off and then when you woke up and you realized you had more work to finish but… 😦  its TOO late now.

We came to Earth. We came here with one purpose. Live Life. But truly when we stepped in our schools… after this “Onset” ( Onset is bad word for start for your info ) no one has encouraged to follow this motto sincerely.

Yeah childhood was fun. Just because we didn’t have those awful classes for “Development” ( Yeah, development of creepy feelings ).

I don’t know why we are imposed with such meaningless things which don’t even have 1% significance in real life. We don’t have subjects like Household Chores or Budget Balance  in our education system which are one of the most important subjects in real life.

I remember a day called as – Career Counselling Session. Honestly they never give up something new and innovative. Its a way of mild brainwashing.


There has to be some moments of being aimless. Nowadays hardly anybody considers this. Taking selfies is not the aim of life. Please don’t get mad for taking pics of you and people around you.

There is a clear difference between living life and passing life.

Watch those meadows aimlessly through the windows of the train and feel blessed.


Beauty is in each wonder of world that’s breathing in and out. Beauty is in creations. Beauty is life itself. Life is beauty. So, take some time out of counting money and piling assets.





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