The Virtual Holiday

We are provided approximately 30% of the year as holidays or leaves officially. And we take up around more 2% due to some or the other reasons. These are normally Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays.

So, eventually we don’t obtain enough days for spending vacations. There are so many vacation deprived countries around the world. We are humans and we demand vacation.


Everyone have their own ideology. Some find happiness in pay – rise. Some may feel happy from vacations though.

But vacation does not mean spending hefty amounts on  travel, food and accommodation. Its not about travelling for hours and hours to reach a destination, see that destination and come back. This is just a hectic workout without any relaxation. This would become a wasted effort. You’d get over – wrought and just add up to your own problems ( getting hospitalized or treated for some sun – stroke or  sea sickness or travelling fatigue or poor digestion 😀 ). And the travelling bug won’t let you concentrate at your workplace.


Always plan a schedule which YOU think you are capable of. You live in Seattle and you’d be having a road trip to San Francisco then think twice. Reconsider yourself. Can I stay calm for this much duration? If not which transport apart from roads can I look for?

Visit place like a traveler not a tourist. Everyone says this but what’s the difference?


A tourist reaches destination with a goal. He/she makes a time – table. Normally tourists go through organised tours. Their main work is taking selfies, going to gift shops for friends, reorganizing backpacks and dozing in their hotels. They don’t like to waste time. So, they compare personal vacations like business trips. But its an ideology I’d respect. Travelers wander, loiter, stroll, gossip, lounge, roam and linger.


Finally you have the best option. Virtual Holidays. Here you’re sitting in your house in Boston but still you’re pretending as if you’re holidaying in Rome. This is just a game of imagination. It can’t give you the luxury of posting selfies of Travelling but it surely provides you relaxation.



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