What I learned from Amélie

I recently watched Amélie again. And I agree that it is one of the most beautiful creations. Languages are never a barrier to understand art. Wish I could write this post in French but I can’t…

It is a 2001 French film starring Audrey Tautou and directed by Jean – Pierre Jeunet. It was 2001. Hence Amélie is now 14 years old….which is hard to imagine. Well, yes I know that phone booths, photo booths, code-less phones, VCRs and small B/W television sets are tough to exist in 2016…but the feeling of joy is meant for infinity. And Amélie is still the best character to describe this feeling.

It revolves around  Amélie Poulain – a shy waitress with a remarkably different and beautiful perspective towards life. I cannot explain much because if you see it then you’d understand it.

And I still agree that its one the best feel – good movies I have watched ever in my life. It changed my life. It shifted my focus from money to the richness of life. Honestly, I was getting more fascinated from wealth in my growing years…which was way too evil to think as a child. And when I watched Amélie I realized that we don’t observe certain things around us which are worthier to watch than counting money all the time.

I learned these points…..not written to offend someone. Some are interesting and some are lessons for life:

I learnt following things from it: ( Plot – Spoilers Ahead!! Needed to alert you…)

1. You can enjoy life without any friends too:

Amélie was suppressed by her parents as they thought she had a heart defect. She was restricted from society and homeschooled and had no friends in childhood. But she had her own way to see life and enjoyed. I loved the way she eats rasberries 😀


2. Being part of a dysfunctional family doesn’t mean you cannot remain happy:

 They were not – so – sociable parents too but Amélie found her way someway. She coped with her isolation through her active imagination.

3. Life is lovely even without materialism:

Amélie worked as a waitress but had a heart of a princess. She felt happy in simple pleasures. She was happy. Always.


4. Its never too late to become social:

Amélie was home schooled. She had never played with somebody in childhood. But she made everyone happy around her as an adult.

5. You can teach lesson to bad people in a mischievous manner too:

 She taught that lesson to Collignon, a green grocer through gaslighting tactics so that he never abuses his meek assistant Lucien 😉

6. Its good to be childlike at times: 

She never experienced normal childhood which is why she may look childlike to some people. But thats good at times. Simple Pleasures are simply nice.


7. Helping others provides the best joy:

For example….. Amélie helped a blind man with her rich description of surroundings. There are many examples in movie.


8. Its not a crime to have a different perspective towards life:

Amélie was not an Ivy League graduate or a supermodel or anything dreamed by millions. She was a waitress at Café des 2 Moulins. She had different perspective towards life and her destination was not money.


9. Perfume looks better in simple glass bottles:

Du Parfum residing in those simple glass bottles without sprays looks enchanting. It’s simplicity looks better than body sprays in pressurized containers. Now the hole in my perfume bottle looks less attractive.


10. If Nature deprived you of something then it surely gifted some talent too:

Raymond Dufayel, Amélie’s neighbor was an artist with Brittle bone Disease who repainted Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre – Auguste Renoir every year. Even a handshake could cause fractures in his hands. But he was a remarkable artist though. His limitations didn’t stop him from putting efforts in art.


And of course Audrey Tautou has portrayed the character of Amélie Poulain so well that Amélie sans Audrey Tautou would become dull enough to omit from watching list of every single art movie buff. She’s one of the most versatile actors in France.

Lastly while I end this post I’d express that the music of Amélie by Yann Tiersen is brilliant. Now, when I linger the streets or take notes in lectures I hear those mesmerizing tunes in my head.

And now obviously when I’d exit and close my laptop I’d feel that mischievous smile of  Amélie on my face. Wondering that how a character whose deprived of any existence can influence you so much….. ❤



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