Reality Check : Last Thing On Mind

Life is a gift given by Nature. But we eccentrics don’t understand that illusory truth effects need to get a reality check and should not meet unrealistic expectations.


“Don’t fall into mad whims. Sit and memorize those history timelines. Practice those equations.”


“Why being so glad?  Stop gazing at that carnation. I know it bloomed. So what? It’s just a flower. Pluck it and put it in your basket. Need to decorate the house. Tonight’s a party. Don’t forget.”


Well, everybody is busy chattering of the new movie which arrived recently standing under that tree but no one can observe those intricate patterns of the leaves blooming from our senior tree like a seeker. I observe what nobody observes.

Reality check is the task I need to do constantly. But I don’t like doing this. But maybe that’s the truth of life.

You get people who betray you. You are left heartbroken. Then you realize that you forgot to take a reality check. And that resulted into such bitter experience. But let’s say that bad experiences are first – hand experiences of reality of life. They teach us. They provide struggles in life. They make us strong enough to prevent that experience again in life. Even if the repercussion is a broken heart.

Be Eccentric.

But Be Practical Too.

Even if you love staying in illusions of life and reality check is the last thing on your mind at the moment.


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