Why Can’t We Have It All?


Simple word which expresses everything people want to explain. I’m 1000% sure that nobody in this entire universe has attained each and everything exactly what he/she wanted.

In Psychology, perfectionists are considered to always try to attain goals which are highly unattainable by working harder and harder and harder. Sometimes, by hook or crook too. Perfectionism is such a trait that demands flawlessness in work. But that makes life depressing as hell. All of us have this obsession to do better in life. Because 100 > 90 and you WANT that 100.

Common examples which everyone may have experienced are:

  • As a child you wanted to sit on the swing first, but someone else would get to sit on swing first everyday which made you feel bad.

You : 0. Your Target Failure : 1

  • As a teenager you wanted to date that crush of several years but eventually he/she became committed to someone else…probably someone you utterly disliked.

You : 0. Your Target Failure : 2

  • As a student you wanted 100/100 in that subject which you loved but you received the answer sheet showing 89/100.

You : 0. Your Target Failure : 3

  • As an employee you wanted that promotion but someone else got that promotion. Yes, that guy was older than you but still you felt bad.

You : 0. Your Target Failure : 4

  • You wanted to lose 10 kgs in 2 months without gym. You lost 5-6 kgs…bad feeling?

You : 0. Your Target Failure : 5

You keep counting about your target failures but can’t you understand that this love for high targets is making you better and better everyday?

You see the movie till interval and then judge that movie is good or bad. Check the ending too:

  1. The boy or girl who used to get swing first everyday skipped sleeping in afternoon. You did that. As you slept more in your growing years you became healthier too.
  2. The boy or girl who started dating your crush wasn’t that happy. Relationship didn’t last a month. He was a hidden jerk. You saved yourself from spoiling studies.
  3. Numbers don’t matter. You didn’t get full. Neither anyone else. But for that 100 you worked hard. Work in progress journey is better than destination.
  4. He got promoted, then switched to some other company. Company came into crisis and had to start layoffs. They gave pink slip to that guy!
  5. Yes, you couldn’t lose 10 kgs but you lost 5 kgs WITHOUT GYM.

Love the process. Results are part of life. Now compared to above 5 materialistic results, I’d tell 5 results which made your feel happier than the above 5 but don’t want to accept it because you can’t measure them….

  1. Friendships – Best achievement of life. Its not easy to maintain   friendships.Significant Other
  2. Smile on your Mother’s face.
  3. Happiness in your Father’s eyes when you become his support system after his years of sacrifices.
  4. Helping a lonely person by just talking to him/her.

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