About Weird yet Unique Purva Thakkar

Hello there friends….(seems too old-fashioned…right?)

Myself Purva Thakkar as you know that and you’re thinking….I won’t give away any of my information? I would.

I’m a learner for life. I have a huge bucket list of getting small moments of life rather than gigantic success.I work in a commercial sector and still have an immense interest in astronomy. I love doing telescopic observations but you see I won’t prefer applied science (not that engg type 🙂 ). But I ❤ Big Bang Theory.

You thought I’d write my interests in learning adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Paragliding  or Scuba Diving? Yeah, I do want to try my hand at them too but that’s far ahead. I’m not acrophobic or aquaphobic but damn yes I’m a normal person though ! I do feel claustophobic at times ( sometimes due to elevators and sometimes due to life itself…)

Eventually you’d think I’m a nerd. No I’m just looking a nerd by my introduction. I’m not immensely popular though. I could be a semi-nerd. But I just find those stereotypes of braces, glasses, books and Star Wars creepy. Who the hell told you that Star Wars are nerdy or nerds mustn’t watch anything apart from Star Wars?

I am a Twihard forever 🙂 My interest in music constantly changes and its hard to adjust with my varying interest in music. Today I like Jazz…tomorrow it could be Blues and yesterday it was Bollywood.

Well, that’s all…not to irritate bloggers more with so long intro.

“Stay happy naturally 🙂 Don’t fake it 😦 ”

Thanks 😀


4 thoughts on “About Weird yet Unique Purva Thakkar

  1. Kumar Abhishek says:

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    would love to connect and explore common grounds if you would like to collaborate. we are looking for people like you, as we are the same interested in everything and explorers of all the wealth of knowledge thats there.

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