About Weird yet Unique Purva Thakkar

Hello there friends….(seems too old-fashioned…right?)

I’m a learner for life. I have a huge bucket list of accomplishing several small happy goals in life rather than achieving one stressful gigantic success. I like watching the sitcom Friends. ❤

As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut. I thought (mind of 7 year old here) that I just need to do telescopic observations, learn to draw Solar System to the best level and read encyclopedia on planets 😂

But later I realized that I need to study A LOT of physics for that (which I never liked…math and chemistry were my buddies though) 😭

So then I opted for commerce stream half-heartedly [stream is a tough decision taken by almost all 10th grade pass-outs in India to “choose” pre-university subject “groups” which can be science (STEM majors) or commerce (business majors) or arts (other majors like Economics(arts), Psychology, History, Literature etc.)] and bid farewell to my love for chemistry subject. For math I wasn’t that sad. Partly because I was okay-ish in geometry. Calculus hadn’t started yet and I knew it was a “difficult” thing. Trig was the only math section I missed badly.

Eventually you’d think I’m a nerd. No I’m just looking a nerd by my introduction. I’m not immensely popular though. I could be a semi-nerd. But I just find those stereotypes of braces, glasses, heavy books and Star Wars pretty much weird. I don’t match with these stereotypes.

On an ending note, thank you for reading such long introduction and the last line is for YOU – The Reader…

Stay happy naturally. Don’t fake it 🙂

End. 😊


4 thoughts on “About Weird yet Unique Purva Thakkar

  1. Kumar Abhishek says:

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